What does a smart meter cost?

Depending on how many smart meters you buy and which functionalities they have, a device from the latest generation of smart meters will cost between € 30 and € 80. This makes for a negligible sum when compared to other items in a network operator’s cost calculation. What is more costly for operators is installation, i.e. the working hours that go into installing meters in consumers’ homes. But for consumers, we expect that it will make little difference: you pay a (fixed) metering charge as part of your network charges anyway, and regular maintenance and replacement are also necessary for our current, older-generation meters. Smart meters should therefore not cause considerable additional costs for consumers.

Roll-out study

Following a public tender, E-Control commissioned consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers with a study on smart meter roll-out in Austria. It analyses all relevant aspects of blanket roll-out of smart meters throughout Austria and evaluates them. The study is available in German only; to download it, please visit our German pages.