Smart meters and smart metering

Many of us are keen on increasing energy efficiency at home. It would protect the climate and the environment and it could relieve our household budget. This ties in with wanting to know how much electricity and gas we actually consume. Now that the digital evolution has reached the world of metering, this is finally possible.

In 2009, the EU member states together decided that there should be blanket roll-out of intelligent, i.e. smart, meters in Europe by 2020. For Austria, the Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy decided that 95% of meters must be replaced by smart meters by 2019.

On our German pages, you can also download a flyer that compiles the most important information about smart meters.

A closer look

Smart meter

Smart meterclick to enlarge

Smart meters are digital devices that record energy consumption at frequent intervals and can be remotely read. They also have new features that conventional meters lack.

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