Entertainment and computers

Entertainment electronics and computers

We keep getting more and more electrical entertainment equipment for our homes. LCD TVs, DVD players and recorders, game consoles as well as computers and notebooks have been added to the more classical appliances in almost all households.

 Entertainment electronics
You can reduce their energy consumption by observing the following recommendations:


  • Check the basic energy data when buying new equipment. Keep in mind that as with all other appliances, the new equipment can only save energy if its old predecessors are no longer used.
  • Avoid stand-by if possible. The total annual energy consumption of appliances in stand-by mode in Austria has been estimated at 1 TWh - a real waste of energy which could easily be avoided.

You can do this by plugging e.g. computers, screens and printers or TV sets, DVD players and game consoles into multiple socket outlets with a switch so that you can really switch them off at the push of a button.