Saving energy & money

Household energy expenses

Energy accounts for 8.2% of an average household’s expenses. Space heating, heating water and electricity make for 4.6% of these, while the residual 3.6% are spent on fuelling cars.



The energy share in private households’ expenses have rapidly increased over the past years. This is due to both rising prices and increased consumption. In 2005, an average household spent close to € 2,500 per year on energy. This number had risen to almost € 2,900 in 2007, an increase of € 400 or more than 15%.


Saving energy saves money

The rise in energy expenses can be countered by cutting down on consumption. A conscious effort to be energy efficient will protect climate and environment and will support a sustainable energy system. And it will also relieve your household budget. You can download a brochure on energy efficiency for consumers from our German pages. 


Examples for annual cost savings through energy efficiency

Action Annual savings in Euro
Replace washing machine class C by class A about € 20
Replace refrigerator/freezer class B+ by class A about € 29
Replace dryer class B by class A about € 39
Simple heating improvements about € 135
Reduction of private car use about € 290
Total about € 513