Worldwide cooperation of energy regulators

Regulation also needs to address topics that do not stop at state or continental borders. Therefore, E-Control actively contributes to work in a number of organisations that are dedicated to the worldwide cooperation of energy regulatory authorities.

The World Forum for Energy Regulation (WFER) is a large event that is held every three years. Driven by the International Confederation of Energy Regulation (ICER), WFER offers regulators from all around the globe a platform for exchanging views on regulatory topics of overarching significance. The next WFER is due to be held in 2018 in Mexico.

ICER itself was founded at the first WFER event, in 2009. It is an association that supports worldwide cooperation of regional energy regulatory associations with the aim of improving the public's access to and insight of regulatory topics. The results of its work are presented at the WFER every three years.