Market Rules

Market Rules

The Market Rules are the body of legal and contractual rules, regulations and provisions which market participants must comply with in order to facilitate and guarantee the proper functioning of the electricity market.

Among other things the Market Rules govern:

  1. The allocation of responsibilities to given market players and system operators
  2. The design of the General Terms and Conditions of distribution and transmission system operators, balancing group representatives, green power balancing group representatives and balancing group coordinators (clearing and settlement agents)
  3. Standardisation of the liability rules
  4. Rules on supplier switching
  5. Implementation of the Technical and Organisational Rules
  6. Standards for hardware, software and data management (who gets what data)

E-Control is required to draw up draft Market Rules and make them available to market players, system operators, balancing group representatives, and clearing and settlement agents.

The Market Rules are divided into:

  • General Terms and Conditions (GTC)
  • Other Market Rules (OMR)
  • Technical and Organisational Rules for system operators and users (TOR)