We are your point of contact

We are your point of contact

If you encounter difficulties when trying to get your electricity or gas connection enabled or disabled, if supplier switching does not work properly, if are not satisfied with the quality of service of your electricity or natural gas supplier or network operator or if you would like to appeal against your bill, you can send an informal application for dispute settlement to our dispute settlement service. However, before addressing our service, you should at least try to find a solution with the undertaking directly.

If you do address us, please tell us right away:

  • What happened - from your point of view? Which are the facts of the case - from your point of view?
  • Which electricity or natural gas company are you referring to?
  • What could be a satisfactory solution to the dispute?

Please include all relevant documents such as bills, payment reminders, warnings that you would be cut off and any other correspondence with the company.

You can submit your written application by e-mail, fax or post:

Email: schlichtungsstelle@e-control.at
Tel.: +43 1 24724-444
Fax: +43 1 +43 1 24724-900

Postal address:
Energie-Control Austria, Rudolfsplatz 13a, 1010 Vienna